Hot and Cold Mobile Pressure Washers for Commercial Vehicles Liverpool

Brendeck have developed both cold and hot/cold cabinet pressure washers for use on commercial vehicles

The mobile pressure washers come with a variety of power options from 110 to 415 volts generating a pressure of up to 350bar, thus giving vehicles a great clean.

All of our mobile cabinet pressure washers are built to order and are available in two finishes: stainless steel and a mild steel with a Zintec coat finish. With a huge variety of options to meet out your requirements, features such as: frost protection, chemical injection, and on board water tanks. Ensuring that the customer gets a pressure washer to suit their required use.

75% Savings on Maintenance Costs

They come standard with a 24 volt control box as a standard fit, and an auto time delayed shutdown which cuts off the power when the pressure is at 0psi; it has been proven to generate savings on maintenance costs by 75%!

The unit itself is ran by an a long life slow revving, industrial 1400RPM electric motor coupled to a brass headed pump. On our Hot model we fit an improved high efficiency burner which is able to produce up to 150 ºC through a steam valve system, that is fueled by an onboard diesel tank.

There is an option to put a small onboard polyethylene water tank within the unit that meets the standards set by the Water Bylaws Regulation as well as the unit itself complying with CE legislation. Our water tank ensures that there is always a minimum amount of water within it by filling up automatically from a mains water supply via a ball valve.

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