Truck Wash Design

At Brendeck we believe in taking time to understand our clients requirements fully

We do this by utilising our expert in house design and installation team. Through consultation we design, specify, build and install the perfect Vehicle Wash System to suit your companies individual requirements. The design stage is vital as it allows us to work closely with your team to fully understand the type of system you require, its usage and bespoke features, its placement within your depot plus your installation and on going service requirements.

At the outset we look to create accurate full working auto cad drawings, these drawings are used to demonstrate specific build features, showing the Vehicle Wash System in situ within your depot thus eliminating costly design and build errors later on in the process.

The site survey is a very important part of the Brendeck service, our experienced surveyors and engineers will visit your site to help specify the perfect location for your new vehicle wash system, the engineers will survey the grounds to ensure they meet the criteria for the structure, the space requirement and ease of access, included in this process is compliance testing to meet all regulations. Every important feature will be recorded and included in the free site survey report delivered for discussion at your convenience.

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