Recycling Of Vehicle Wash Water

28 August 2015

Brendeck have in excess of 30 years’ experience in the process of providing Wash Water Recycling Systems, for use with all leading large Vehicle Washing Plants. The water recycling systems market is expanding at an exponential rate, due to the savings they offer in the present climate of water privatisation, stricter effluent discharge consents and rising effluent charges.

The drought in 1989 brought many Wash Operators to a complete stand still due to the water authority’s ban in the use of water for the washing of Commercial Vehicles. Brendeck’s 95% reclaim GHD and HC Wash Water Recycling Units were still operating at a handsome profit under the approval of the water authorities.

Key Features:

Removal of wash water contaminants which include; Waxes, Particle Dirt and Hydrocarbons.
The Reclaim Unit will remove these contaminants by means of using some or all of the following: Filtration, Wax Removal, Sedimentation, Centrifugal Separation, Reverse Osmosis.

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